Happy Returns

Fun holidays for dogs
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19 Nightingale Gardens
Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 2BH

Our pack leader is Julie Davies; when she was eight her father went off to buy a tortoise but returned with a terrier, Zorba. Her life has involved dogs ever since! Julie’s looked after friends’ dogs informally: she not only loves being with them, but recognises how dogs value and benefit from company, stimulation and affection.

Julie says, ’Our black lab, Ellie, is a keen supporter of Happy Returns – we had our launch and her 14th birthday party together, with a wide range of dogs. Owners commented on the delightful, relaxed atmosphere: everyone enjoyed it.’

Julie has worked in a pet shop, in administration and management: she is an experienced organiser, hard-working and clear-thinking.

Ian Davies was a professional footballer; he remains very interested in sport and loves playing with dogs. Julie and Ian’s son George is patient and responsible; he is particularly sensitive to the needs of older dogs.

Val Pickford, a former education inspector, serves on Pembroke Corgi committees. Calm and methodical, she has trained and shown dogs. Ivana Cooke, a marketing expert, enjoys the excitement of canine agility and flyball; for some years she took care of a disabled dog, for a friend who was ill.

All the pack members understand the great responsibility of looking after your precious dog; you can be confident that they are committed to its welfare, security and happiness.